Sony “gift” it’s enough?

Good news, everyone! Darkamon here really pissed off 😀 Sony has finally announced the compensation provided for all users during the holidays remained offline because of the attack of the Lizard Squad. And immediately the comments of the network are divided between those who liked and who is not. The …

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PSVita: VHBL Bubble Hack

Lot of people have been asking about a VHBL bubble for the PSVita and thanks to Qwikrazor87, now you can have one too. Qwikrazor87 has been nice enough to provide the files needed for the VHBL bubble, for “tomtom/mr.gas bubble hack” that everyone as been enjoying lately. Once you have …

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Games worth mentioning, for December

Hello all its riddle43, back with a few small game reviews to fill your play time this Holiday season and to keep some cash in your pockets for your gift giving. Now the first game is Final Horizon 130 MB by Eiconic Games for PS Vita/PSTV and free for the month …

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