How to Make Custom Vita Bubbles with your PS3

Well finally someone has released one way to do this bubble trick, that you seen lately on the PSVita. Thanks to xmaxkatsu, everyone that owns a PS3 can do this bubble trick too. There are still other methods of doing this that don’t require you to have a PS3 but for the mean time this will have to do.


“What you need for this trick:
a psvita with VHBL or cfw
a ps3 with psn access
ftp or file manager app on your vita
First put the PBOOT.PBP i provided into a PSP savegame folder in your PC. Copy it to your ps vita with CMA. Then download a psp game or psp minis to your ps3. Then with FTP or a file manager, rename your GAME directory to GAMEX and SAVEDATA directory to GAME in your ps vita. after that rename the savegame folder in ps vita which you put the PBOOT.PBP in, to the id of the game you downloaded to your PS3.

Then install the game in your PS3 to your Vita. you can use vita update blocker or a proxy method for this. After the PS3 installs the game to your Vita, you will have your bubble.”
homebrew PBOOT.PSP files are coming soon :)

WARNING: It is recommended to backup your exploit game to your pc (or make a backup of your memory card). Also it is better if you try this on a fresh memory card.


source: & xmaxkatsu

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  1. Wow!! Wtg!! A completely useless, yet semi-cool trick!! Lol.