PSVita: VHBL Bubble Hack

Lot of people have been asking about a VHBL bubble for the PSVita and thanks to Qwikrazor87, now you can have one too. Qwikrazor87 has been nice enough to provide the files needed for the VHBL bubble, for “tomtom/mr.gas bubble hack” that everyone as been enjoying lately. Once you have made a VHBL bubble you can update to 3.35FW but you will lose TN-V. You will still be able to make more ISO bubbles as long as you have VHBL bubble installed.

wpid-20150101_182607.jpgIf you need any help Freakler made a great gudie on how to make your own bubbles here Homebrew Bubbles via ISO

 README.TXT wrote:Use fake_np along with your base game to sign VHBL.ISO. Transfer VHBL01324 save to your Vita. If you have trouble with wMenu you can try out 138Menu by replacing EBOOT.PBP in the save.

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  1. So what about the webkit exploit? Will it also be ported to 3.35? I can play PSP ISO’s on my shiny new Nvidia Shield without this hassle. I’m interested in native PS Vita hacks, so should I stay on 3.18?

  2. Awesome that the guy realesed it, but im new to this vhbl thing, anyone know how to install this? i am currently on firmware 3.35.