Games worth mentioning, for December

Hello all its riddle43, back with a few small game reviews to fill your play time this Holiday season and to keep some cash in your pockets for your gift giving.

2014-12-10-165111Now the first game is Final Horizon 130 MB by Eiconic Games for PS Vita/PSTV and free for the month of December for PS+ members. Final Horizon is a fast paced real-time strategy game that you build and upgrade your defense to fight off the Swarm of invaders.This game is a blast to play with awesome visual effects and upgrades for you buildings to keep you playing for hours. fh4There is also a Dark Galaxy add-on content for $3.99 that gives you 20 new missions across 5 planets.

2014-12-10-153205The second game is Titan Attacks 133 MB by Puppygames also for PS Vita/PSTV also free for the month of December.

TA-challenge-stageThis game is a retro treat for us all in the flavor of the classic Space Invaders. Battle tons of alien fighters, bombers and giant boss motherships, in over 5 unique worlds and 100 levels of frantic action. You can also upgrade your ship with extra cannon’s, rockets and lasers. This is a must have for all you old school gamers out there.


1080697417Lastly I bring you Get off My Lawn! 538 MB by Digital Leisure also for the PS Vita and is free. It’s a fun quirky shooter against swarms of alien invaders that land on the wrong lawn for first contact. You play as Murray an old man who doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone and must defend your front porch from the onslaught of small to large alien invaders with only your gun and power-ups to gain the upper hand.


1080697416These include Cane Time, Infuriate, and Sound wave and other gun upgrades as well from your shed by collecting orbs along the way. There also some in game purchases to aid you in your quest.

I hope you found this a little helpful on your hunt for something to play this Holiday season and happy gaming.

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