Bring in the New Year with PSVita Homebrew Loader Bubble


wpid-20141229_193306.jpgThe Psvita bubble hack has had three different type so far, but not as use full as tomtom/mr.gas bubble hack. I know alot of you are trying your best to make these new bubbles and some of you have got it working, but there alot of others that don’t. Luckily with the help of many other members on the scene some of you got Ark, FTP, etc… working.

Qwickrazor87 has prepared a homebrew loader ISO for tomtom/mr. gas bubble hack, here’s what Qwickrazor87 had to say..

“Tested and working, tried out Skullgrog (static ELF homebrew). This loader should allow more compatibility, homebrew like gpsp/SNES should work with it.

From the readme:

README.TXT wrote:Make a file called PATH.TXT.Place the path to the homebrew EBOOT.PBP that you want to run.Example:
ms0:/PSP/GAME/HOMEBREW/EBOOT.PBPDo NOT place a new line at the end of the path.Use UMDGen to place PATH.TXT to disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/PATH.TXT inside LOADER.ISO.Sign LOADER.ISO with fake_np using your base game.Make sure that DATA.PSP in your homebrew is decrypted, this homebrew does NOT support signed homebrew.

Source: Qwickrazor87 &

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  1. I’m at fw 3.35, without vhbl e pspfiler, work for me?

  2. can i get a more exact instruction plz