It’s a Bubbly Christmas for the PSVita FW 3.35

Well here a Christmas gift for everyone that wants to make there own bubbles on the PSVita FW 3.35. Yeah, you heard me, thanks to frtomtomdu80, everyone one is going to have fun this Holiday season making bubbles. Lets just hope everyone can enjoy this on FW3.35, before PlayStation decides we need a Fw update or even the worst start banning people. Just like any precaution, if you make any bubbles please put your PSVita in airplane mode. It better to be safe then sorry. Have Fun and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays..


Here what frtomtomdu80 said to say…

“Today we decided to release our method to run psp games from LiveArea (as bubbles), so here is your christmas gift :

We managed to grab arguments passed to pspemu app when you start a game :

originalpath=ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME/NPUG80318& selfpath=ux0:pspemu/PSP/GAME/NPUG80318/EBOOT.PBP& discid=NPUG80318&parentallevel=3&gamedataid=&appver=00.00& bootable=1&category=EG

So as you can see, arguments are splitted with ‘&’, and folder name is shown at the beggining, that means we can inject our own arguments by renaming the folder of our game :)

So, the trick is to rename a psn game to MyHomebrew&
Then, create another folder named MyHomebrew
Finally, rebuild database.

When you will start the game, the EBOOT.PBP from MyHomebrew folder will be started instead of MyHomebrew& eboot.

So all you have to do is sign your homebrew using fake_np with the original psn game eboot as base eboot (tutorials are available everywhere, just google it) and put the signed eboot into the MyHomebrew folder.

Start the psn game from the LiveArea, your homebrew will now run !

this method works up to fw 3.35

Have fun and merry christmas to everyone !
~mr.gas and tomtomdu80″

Here is a video on how to create fake signed EBOOT.PBP for PS Vita!


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  1. Hi, i’m on OFW 3.35 how will i transfer the file to my Vita? and how can i install PS Filer? what application i need to transfer the file to vita on 3.35?

    • This will only work if you have a vhbl on 3.35 and PSP filer needs a kexploit to work. So you are going to have to wait for a release of VHBL for 3.35 so you can make your know bubbles.

  2. ok so i have the iso for the psp game now what do i do im kinda of a noob when it comes to this stuff

  3. I dont have the VHBL yet install, can I use this instructions on the 3.35 from scratch? or is there a way to install the VHBL if it is really require (and I suppose it is) on the 3.35?