How to make Vita bubbles without a PS3

Thank to  , you can finally make your own bubbles for the PSVita without a PS3, you will still need TN-V or VHBL on your PSvita to make these bubbles.

I have not had chance to test this out myself but thought you all would like to give it a try, so have fun.”Note: these bubbles will not run as its just cosmetics”.

Here’s a quick guide on how to make your own PSvita bubbles, thanks to  and @xmaxkatsu
How to Display PSP Filer icon as a bubble.
1.Folder name change
GAME> MUSIC >  (The GAME folder hide)
2.The same location as the EBOOT.PBP
same folder as the Registered ID
put PBOOT.PBP in the same location as the EBOOT.PBP
3. After the change the icon display (visual confirmation) and restart the psvita.

source: xmaxkatsu

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