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3DS Homebrews for Ninjhax

  It’s been almost 3 weeks since Smea‘s Ninjhax was released. During that time, many interesting homebrews have been released/announced.I would like to outline the current state, which homebrews are worth keeping an eye on and tell you some basic info about each of them. The homebrews are not sorted, …

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New SKY3DS Flashcart now without the 10 game limit

Yes, you heard it right, after some hackers/modders cracked the 10 game limit on SKY3DS. The official site just confirmed a new batch without 10 game limit is released today. If you already own a SKY3DS, here is the tool to break 10 games limit. http://filetrip.net/dl?kC87mrT7Gg WARNING: I didn’t try it as I …

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Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Hi guys! Darkamon here, I’m back from the dead to bring you a nice review for the new top product made by Samsung: Galaxy Note 4. It was 2011 when Samsung introduced the world to a gigantic Android Smartphone, the Galaxy Note. From a height of 5.3 inches diagonally, that …

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Gateway on New Nintendo 3DS and Firmware 9.2

As you might already know, 2 weeks ago Gateway has announced they have a new update which makes booting gateway possible on 9.x firmwares and new 3ds, 3ds xl. They also advised not to update beyond 9.2 if Nintendo pushes a new update. After 2 weeks, at last, today Gateway gave …

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