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PSVita Update on native homebrew launching

Today, hgoel0974 gave us taste of what he has been working lately – his Vita Homebrew Loader, and modified psp2shell.

PSVita update

You might know hgoel0974 from wololo.net and the /talk forums. The Vita Homebrew Loader is his current project which he’s been working on for about a week. It’s not in a releasable state yet, but he’s far enough that he could release beta builds, which can be found on VHL’s GitHub repo. Again, this is not in a state for end-users. Once it’s finished, it will be like VHBL for PSP.

Also, hgoel modified psp2shell (the same shell ported by Yosh) and it can now launch homebrew with the start button. This is also up on GitHub repo.
Here’s the modified shell in elf file, compiled by Orion90. Run it by dropping it on run_homebrew.bat in your Rejuvenate folder. DOWNLOAD
To transfer homebrews to PS Vita, use FTPVita.
Note: There are still bugs and hgoel is working on fixing them.



Also for homebrew devs, VHL + PSP2SHELL with logging for homebrew enabled, and sorry about the last build as hgoel0974 has just fixed it.

Instructions for the surprise:

“Just copy the splash.png over to cache0:/VitaDefilerClient/System/splash.png and restart the exploit, thanks to for the find. It lets you change the splash screen that shows at boot.”

Download the latest VHL here: mega.nz (fixed)

Download the first VHL here: 

Source: GitHub


That’s about it for the PSVita update! Stay on the site for more news!!

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