RXTools v.2.6 released and roxas75 leaving the 3DS scene


So today I have big news: RXTools v.2.6 got released ,and if you read the title ;), roxas75 the developer of rxtools is leaving the scene.

Here is the Changelog:
– Many fixes, especially in the FBI injection and MSET downgrading
– RegionFree : Pretty stable, but in some cases the patch at menu icons isn’t enough
– rxTools now is faster because at the first launch will install additional data
– Full AGB support on both sysNAND and emuNAND, without the need of installing any patched firmware
– TWL (DS and DSi) support only on sysNAND
– Changed rxMode label to RX3D in emuNAND, while in sysNAND it will be Ver., as original.
– rxMode will autoboot in emuNAND, but you can boot it in sysNAND from rxTools menu
– More stability in the code

Roxas75 is leaving the 3DS Scene, but don’t worry. He donated rxtools to the Pasta CFW Team so we will hopefully see new release 😀

This is his Good-bye message:

Hi to everyone!
As you can see from the title, i’m sadly here to annunce that i leave the rxTools development.
Yesterday i had to count all my personal commitments, and facing familiar, job and many other kind of problems, i had to choose what of them i could give up.
So that’s why i decided to leave the 3DS scene, becouse of my lack of possibility, time and will of continuing.
I personally feel satisfed; My goal from the beginning was to help people for free, not fame or anything else, and i felt that open rxTools sources was a good choice since all the infos where already public, and now the most of you can have a repository to look at.
I also made some ethic mistakes, and i know some people hate me for this, but i will not blame myself too much.
So i only have to thank you all to have supported me all this time, to have satisfed me that much, and now i’ll say goodbye!
I’ll quit the 3DS scene, and probably will spend my time studying, exploiting, and improving more and more. I’m just at the beginning.
Goodbye!This being said, i want to make you know that rxTools isn’t dead!
I personally decided to donate the whole project to the Pasta team.
Do not ask me much, i simply feel that their goals represent better what rxTools actually became (and that i didn’t want from the far beginning), and i think they are the best choice to keep rxTools updated.
And, from now on, this will be the official repository that everyone of you will have to look at :
—–> https://github.com/AlbertoSONIC/rxTools <—–
It’s been a pleasure, and i’ll probably quit the most of the forums, becouse of my lack of time.
Bye guys!
The repository is not available at the moment so If you want to try the new release you can find it on rxtools.net.
I can’t wait to see what the Pasta Team is going to add to rxtools 😀

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