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Do You Clash But Don’t Have The Time?

For those of you who are fans, here’s a little trick to get an edge on the game “Clash of Clans”.


With the growing community of android consoles out there, Bluestacks for PC is one of the best ideas if you’re on a budget. Bluestacks is an emulator allowing you to play all of your favorite android games and apps simultaneously with your  PC. Your PC Specs will determine how well Bluestacks will run but there are a few tweaks to get it running faster on weaker PCs. Now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s get on with the show.

In combination with Bluestacks is a wonderful program called Clashbot. ClashBot is an automated tool that will essentially play Clash of Clans for you. With a wide variety of options to get your base up to speed, from wall upgrades to launching full out attacks on your worldly enemies. ClashBot is the best tool out there to free up your time so you’ll be able to view more of what Hackinformer, which is continuously growing, has to offer. To get ClashBot you will have to join their forum and reply to show your appreciation for their handiwork.


This is a PREMIUM Tool “FREE” for a limited time

  • Custom Building Upgrades
  • Flawless Wall Upgrading
  • Barracks boost, Dark Barracks Boost, King Altar Boost, Queen Altar Boost
  • Trophy Pushing
  • Trophy Dropping
  • Troop Requesting
  • Troop Donating
  • Custom wait times
  • Custom deployment sizes
  • End battle if no resource change
  • Use Queen, King and Clan-Troops in combat
  • Custom kickout wait time
  • Reduce BlueStacks useage and speed up your computer
  • PushBullet Mobile Notifications
  • Save Loot Images
  • Save Attack Analysis Images

Bluestacks Download


So get these two programs today so you won’t miss out on whats going on with “REJUVENATE” for PS VITA.

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