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Gardening Bliss With Plantera!!!

Have you ever had a garden where you enjoy getting your hands dirty planting seeds then watching them grow? You’re trying to keep them safe from birds, other critters and nature all while watching them sprout into wonderful plants. But who has the time to do all that and especially …

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Defend Your Crypt by Ratalaika Games!!

The life of a Pharaoh has never been an easy one especially once you’re dead, and in Defend Your Crypt by Ratalaika Games this has never been clearer. In this strategy puzzle game that pits you up ageist robbers trying to steal your precious gold. You will take on the …

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Defend Your Crypt is in Steam Greenlight

Last week, Ratalaika Games launched the Steam Greenlight page for their upcoming game Defend Your Crypt. In a puzzle-strategy game Defend Your Crypt players take control of a pharaoh to protect his gold from grave robbers using various traps. You can support the game by upvoting it on Steam Greenlight. The list of game’s …

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The Minotaur from Ratalaika Games debuts on Steam this week

Ratalaika Games are glad to announce that their next game, The Minotaur, will be available on Steam from January 21. The Minotaur is an arcade-puzzle game from Spanish indie studio Ratalaika Games. Players facing the rage of the gods are locked the labyrinth. There they must defend themselves from mythical minotaurs that attempt to …

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