Review: Plantera makes it’s way to the PSVita

The fun virtual Garden game Plantera has made its way onto the PSVita at last! Planter was released earlier this year for the 3DS and Wii U by Ratalaika Games and VaragtP if you remember correctly we gave it a favorable review here.

Today, however, we’re going to talk about the PSVita version It’s set to be released on May 23rd in the US and on the 24th for Europe.For those of you who missed this on the 3DS, the concept of this game is simple. It is to have a garden with separate plots of fruits and vegetables and animals to earn money by tapping your harvest, to plant more trees fruits vegetables and animals to earn more money.

And let me tell you this game feels right at home on the PS Vita. With the loss of the second screen (which takes away some of your ability to maintain and keep a quicker eye on your crops) doesn’t seem to take away from the fun and easy playability of this game.

The game, of course, is still a touch based game, with the D-pad allowing you to circulate from plot to plot. The larger screen does allow for you to see a little bit more what’s going on compared to the 3DS and feels a little more immersive on this handheld.

The menu for the resources appears slightly transparent over the image of the game so this allows you to keep a closer eye on your crops while keeping an eye in the menus. Well, this is a change from the way the 3DS menus behaved and operated it is a pleasant and proper way to handle the system.

This was a spectacular upgrade to what the 3DS had before, very well done and improved for the PS Vita but there was a slight slowdown, hen there were many helpers and animals on screen, but it is only slight and speeds up soon. Now in the 3DS version, the slowdown occurred more and it lasted a lot longer.

Plantera is right at home on the PSVita with it’s easy to get into gameplay, fast-paced tapping, and allowing you to play when you have the time. Pantera is a great game to have for any PSVita owner. It’s a good choice for those looking for something casual to relax and enjoy.

Thanks for reading and keep doing it for the love of the game

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