The Minotaur from Ratalaika Games debuts on Steam this week

Ratalaika Games are glad to announce that their next game, The Minotaur, will be available on Steam from January 21.


The Minotaur is an arcade-puzzle game from Spanish indie studio Ratalaika Games. Players facing the rage of the gods are locked the labyrinth. There they must defend themselves from mythical minotaurs that attempt to kill them, and escape. We have already talked about The Minotaur in several articles.

There will be six modes in the game:

  • Arcade: This is the basic mode of the game, consist on 30 levels. We have 5 lifes to complete the 30 levels and defeat the minotaurs (Can be played in local Co-Op)
  • Time Attack: If you want the arcade mode to be a challenge, you need to complete this mode under a certain amount of time. Defeat minotaurs will give you more seconds to beat it! (Can be played in local Co-Op)
  • Trials: Here you can play 40 differents levels trying to get the maximum score! (Can be played in local Co-Op)
  • Endless: In this mode you will have infinite levels, without an end… except your death. Try to reach the maximum level as you can! (Can be played in local Co-Op)
  • One Life: If you think you are untouchable, you can try this mode. You will have one life for complete the 30 levels. (Can be played in local Co-Op)
  • Versus: You want to challenge your friends? Then try this mode, you can beat your friends by crushing them between blocks too!

The Minotaur has an in-game level editor that can be used to make levels, which then can be shared on Steam Workshop. Both Steam trading cards and achievements are supported.

The game will be available on Steam from January 21, 9pm CET. It will cost 4.99 €/$, but there will be a 20% discount during the first week.

In the following months, The Minotaur will become available also on Nintendo Wii U, Xbox One, and Nintendo 3DS.

Steam page:

Twitter of Ratalaika Games: @RatalaikaGames

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