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HowTo: Softmod an OG Xbox the *New/Easier* Way with ENDGAME.

A new way to mod the original XBOX. That means no more worrying about buying exploit games. No more worrying about if your disc drive is functional. No more worrying about whether or not you have a friend with one already modded. No, I’m instead going to tell you about …

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Hardware Review: Everdrive GBA Mini from Krikzz

Now that Krikzz and crew are back up and running again, I decided it was high time to seek them out about a product review. They mentioned that they were set up in a new location and that they had products being listed on their site. I asked them if …

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Stepmania for Nintendo Switch

I know, I know, most of you don’t play DDR anymore if you ever did. Well, some of us old dudes did play it and we’re always stoked when there’s a new way to do so. Well recently, a kind soul by the name of p_sam ported Stepmania 5 to …

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Downgrade your 3.71/3.72 Vita!

Usually, there is a pre-amble here. A section to roughly explains what the article you’re reading is about to be about. It’s something more than a headline, something less than a paragraph. Well today, we’re going to breeze over this part because the headline is enough and I’m sure you’re …

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Retron 5 Unlocked!

The Retron 5 used to be a household name. Until people realized that it had a bogus set of wireless controllers and, oh yeah, featured a non-licensed emulator. Fast forward to 2019, the Retron 5 is barely talked about any longer. YouTube videos about it are getting very little clicks. …

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