HowTo: Softmod an OG Xbox the *New/Easier* Way with ENDGAME.

A new way to mod the original XBOX. That means no more worrying about buying exploit games. No more worrying about if your disc drive is functional. No more worrying about whether or not you have a friend with one already modded. No, I’m instead going to tell you about the easiest ways to use the newest entry point, ENDGAME. So, put on some Axe, ignore the laundry, crack open a room tempterature Surge, because it’s time to hack your vanilla, unmodded, collecting dust, OG XBOX!

[UPDATE] I have removed my previous version off of here as there is an even easier way than that. I couldn’t do it better than MrMario2011, so I’m going to link to his video below. Trust me, he rocks!]

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  1. Nope. Doesn’t work.

    • I saw it happen in a video, I read about it happening in an article, I tested it out too after I combined all of the files they used into one package to make it easier. Then I shared it with you all. So instead of saying something doesn’t work, can you be clearer about where you particularly ran into an issue and I will try to help you?

  2. Tries to launch NKPatcher but just goes back to the MS Dash. Boo.

    • Interesting. Is your system already softmodded and you’re just trying out Endgame? Or is this an entirely vanilla xbox?