Zerolemon LG V10 9000mah Battery Case Review

Before I ever upgrade my smartphone device I look for two different things. Accessories available and the amount of development dedicated for said device. Software makes the biggest impact for me and when the community contributes to make your device truly custom it’s a great feeling. With the proper use of root you can adjust and change settings to make it your own. The first two applications I install are greenify and betterbatterystats, to control/monitor battery usage.  I’m currently running Siraltis’ modified stock rom, livlogik’s Evil Yummy Gumdrop Kernel, G4Tweakbox and all awesome theming thanks to Markbenzce’s Hydra Remix Theme via Layers. Everything runs great and looks phenomenal with everything working together. For you custom rom users, LG V10 already has significant progress with Cyanogenmod on XDA. LG V10 has even caught the attention of the Nebula Team, known for porting awesome roms to various devices!! Exciting stuff is coming to this sick device!!!!


The LG V10 is overall a very reliable piece of tech with some very strong features. However one the major issues with the phone is the overall battery life. Its comes with a 3000mah battery and usually lasts me about half a day. College courses lately has me relying more than ever on my data plan for my laptop. Simply put I have been resorting to carrying around an external battery pack with me and it only weighs me down with more devices to carry around. Until I discovered Zero Lemon had solved my problem and had me appreciate my device all over again. Zero Lemon has been making battery cases for awhile now and has been supporting almost all the flagship devices available. Presentation and packaging is kept very minimal, instructions come with each product to ensure proper charging and use. Installation is pretty straight forward and all you need todo is simply remove the back cover of the LG V10 as you won’t be needing it for this case you. Remove stock battery, insert the Zerolemon Battery and snap in the Battery Case. As easy as 1 2 3 and your good to go!



Whenever I get cases and accessories, there is one thing I can’t stand. Too much or Too big company branding is a turnoff for me and will usually get me to stay away from their products. Zerolemon has done a fantastic job to keep the company branding on the case to a bare minimum. This is great for those who like to decorate their cases without worrying about off putting company branding designs. I’m rocking my typical zelda stuff as usual, but you know this. 😛 The material has a nice matte finish, very grippy and shows no fingerprints on your case! The cutouts are nice and exact where needed and the raised edges allow you to place your phone face down. Your camera lens are fully protected with this case and you will have no fear scratching your investment. I used Spigen’s Tempered Glass Screen Protector and its compatible with Zerolemon. This case will make your device about twice the thickness but your are getting 3x the battery juice after all. One of things to consider as well is the added weight to the phone but otterbox case adopters will have no issue with this at all. I’d rather have extra weight then be a slave to the power outlet any day my friends. 🙂 The cutout for the IR blaster works and its one of my favorite features of the LG V10. The most important question is does the fingerprint scanner work with this case? Yes, I’m happy to report you can continue to use this feature!

This case does have one downside to it and you should be aware NFC will not be usable. However, most people I know root and by rooting you lose access to android pay. It’s not a deal breaker for me but it must be addressed to those who do use NFC for payments.


After about almost two weeks of usage and I can definitely recommended this product. I was able to maintain battery life all day with decent use. Including music playback, email, YouTube, Twitter, Skype and Bluetooth running. Keep in mind, I’m using a rooted device and battery drain comes with it much like jailbreaking does with iOS. Once you get used to this case if you find yourself not wanting to use stock again. All the flagship devices have made strides in various parts of phones. But no one seems to care about making it last for a day and thats how they could impress me. You can order your Zerolemon LG V10 Battery case at Amazon for a decent price of 59.99. Thats way better Mophie and other respected/trusted third party companies currently offer. Zerolemon offers 180 warranty guarantee and have awesome customer service. I have had previous products with them on my Samsung Galaxy devices and they have never let me down. I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I did testing this awesome product. Chances are you might have another flagship device and might want to know if your particular phone has a battery case as well. You can check out additional products here.

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  1. going off my personal experience with a Galaxy s3, when i bought my zero lemon chargeable case. at first I was excited and happy that my phone could be half dead or even @28% and not have to worry about my phone actually dying(charges always to atleast 85%)
    power wise I was happy.

    but the true downsides were.. the case made the phone not only heavy, But extremely unreliable..

    my 4g signal seemed to be cut in half.. I didnt receive phone calls.

    I couldn’t use my browser or anything internet related fuctions(apps widgets etc) half of the time..

    my calls that i did get(only a few)
    they dropped.

    but I compromised…up until I was charging my phone with the case… and the case literally blew out my phone(black screen never to be turned on again)

    I then turned around got a galaxy s5 and bought a mophie pack case(charges and I have my 4g working ^_^)

    • They have come long way and I’m happy to say my signal is not affected. You should give them another shot 🙂 Worse case scenario you can return it back to Amazon.

      • I actually still have my galaxy s4 zero lemon case. Since I have upgraded my phone several times since then it really needs a home. Free to anyone who still rocks that device

  2. So I just received my ZeroLemon v10 battery & case today!

    I have been avidly reading reviews before purchasing this just to know what I was getting myself into, but despite my research, I have just one question that is unanswered…

    It recommends to charge the battery for 12 hours before using it. Does this mean that I should replace the stock battery in my v10 and leave it to charge for 12 hours? Or can I be using it while it charges?

    • I would recommend charging it overnight and discharge it properly. When I got my LG V10 I did the 200gb sd card and battery charger promotion. The charger is compatible with the Zero Lemon Battery and if you can actually still order the charger at

      Its actually on sale for 14.99 and sorry for the late response

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