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Cemu Wii U emulator 1.0.2 released & Cemu gets its own website

Just a few months ago the Wii U emulator was announced and release to the public for download. Well, today Cemu has its own website and a new update for Cemu. Now Cemu is still in it beta stages and is not recommend for daily use. The new update 1.02 change log. …

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30th Anniversary North American Release of The Nintendo Entertainment System!!

Hello to all the old school gamers out there! Today is a happy day for all in North America, its the 30th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System!! On October 18, 1985, the NES and its initial library of 18 games were released in the New York City test market …

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Review: Slimport Nano-Console

A week ago I received the slim port nano console to review and I can say this is one product that is a must-have for your smartphone. There are many scenarios in which this could be useful, including giving a presentation, sharing photos and videos with friends and family or playing games. Now the only …

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