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Review: Slimport Nano-Console

A week ago I received the slim port nano console to review and I can say this is one product that is a must-have for your smartphone. There are many scenarios in which this could be useful, including giving a presentation, sharing photos and videos with friends and family or playing games. Now the only …

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Wii U emulator project

A GitHub repository ‘wiiu-emu’ created by user exjam indicates that there might be a Wii U emulator for PC in development. And it looks pretty legit. I’m no expert on emulators, but despite what some people think, this is not another ‘ps4emx’, which was nothing but a scam to get …

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PSVita: NeopopVITA updated – Revitalize Edition

After SMSPlusVita, Frangar updates NeopopVITA, his native NeoGeo Pocket and NeoGeo Pocket Color emulator for PS Vita. Like SMSPlusVita, NeopopVITA 0.71.15 – Revitalize Edition is released for the “Revitalize” PS Vita homebrew competition on wololo.net/talk. This time, the update is smaller. Most importantly adds Unity support. Full changelog: Lots of fixes New …

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PSVita: SMSPlusVita updated – Revitalize Edition

Frangar adds some new features to his PS Vita Sega Master System & Game Gear emulator SMSPlusVita. Frangar decided to update SMSPlusVita for the “Revitalize” PS Vita homebrew competition on wololo.net/talk, that’s why “Revitalize Edition”. Most notable new features are savestate and Unity support. Full changelog: Lots of fixes Savestates Rewind …

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