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PSVita: Ark-3 source code is released

For the past few months, you might have heard us talk about ARK3 and Acid_snake needing your help. Well, today you can download the source code and start modifying it to ARK2 or even TN-X menu. There were a lot of people involved with ARK3 and we just like to say thanks to Cordbird, Liquid Snake, neuron, qwikrazor87, Acid snake, Total_Noob and anyone else that has helped.

acid snake

ARK-3 eCFW for the PS Vita and its features:

  • Full compatibility with PSP homebrews and games.
  • ISO and CSO support through the Inferno ISO Driver as well as compatibility with the M33, ME and NP9660 drivers.
  • Compatibility with PSX games under PSP exploits with partial sound through PEOPS.
  • Partial compatibility with PSX exploits.
  • Compatible with up to firmware 3.52
  • Built in menu with advanced features like PMF playback, FTP, CFW settings and more. It is also compatible with other popular menus such as ONEmenu and 138Menu.

Download: ARK3 ecfw source code



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  1. Is this any better than ark 2. I’m running ps vita fat 3.52 php exploit game with custom ark 2 on 138 menu with psp iso and cso all my emulators and roms working haven’t tried any ps1 iso yet

  2. anyone can compil if this is usable ?

  3. I’m using TN-V should I change to ARK-3? My need is just full compatible psp games

  4. How to install in 3.52 metodh e-mail please say me

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