Hax 2.5 for 3DS released by Smealum for 9.0 to 10.2!

Smealum releases 3DS hax 2.5, and with this hax you will have access to the eshop, romhacks, screenshots and more.

Just about an hour ago he was just telling everyone it was coming soon, well he wasn’t joking about the soon part. At the moment, themehax doesn’t work but you can do it manually here. So what are you waiting for, head on over to http://smealum.github.io/3ds/ to get your 3DS hack on.

About hackinformer

I like to get everyone the right info and I like to help others get the most from there electronic devices. I enjoy playful cleverness and the exploration of technology. My Motto: You own it, you can do whatever you want with it.


  1. Hi i’m on 10.2 FW what hax can i use? and what ist otherapp and ropbin?

  2. So does that mean I can update to 10.2 and still be able to run emunand via rxtools or another way? Ideally I would like to autoboot straight into emunand.

  3. So,
    Does this mean that I can hack pokemon into Omega Ruby and alpha sapphire using pkhex if I download this update? Will there be an updated homebrew for 10.2 3ds Update?

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