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Raspi’s GPU on FFT

“The Raspberry Pi has been around for two years now, and still there’s little the hardware hacker can actually do with the integrated GPU. That just changed, as the Raspberry Pi foundation just announced a library for Fourier transforms using the GPU. For those of you who haven’t yet taken your …

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Total_Noob’s savestate plugin released

Total_Noob has released, his savestate plugin for his masterpiece TN-V. So if you’re unfamiliar with the savestate plugin, it allows you to save your whole game and load it anytime and anywhere in the game.Pretty cool if you ask me! Even if you’re on one game you can load up another game and it will bring you right to …

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What happen to the PlayStop Network?

What is the PlayStop Network it is a homebrew version of PSN. It allows you to download VHBL and CEF (TN-V) Homebrew, Emulators and Application, that ready to be transferred right to your psvita with open cma. It is every similar to PSN, only on your PC but downloading homebrews …

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