PSVita Tutorial: Installing ISO/CSO in ARK & TN-V

Today we will start with a series of tutorials for those who do not know how to install your ISO / CSO games, PS1, Emulators, Homebrews for ARK, TN-V, or VHBL.tnv & ark2

We begin with the installation of PSP games (ISO / CSO) the easy and simple way.


1) First of all, you should check your operating system and make sure you have enabled the option to show file extensions.

W7 example:

If you don’t you can go in any window and you should be able to go to the Folder Options, go to the tab View and you must find the option that refers to hide or show the hidden files

2) Once the extensions are enabled, you can view the files with their corresponding extension correctly, now we have to get any PSP SAVEDATA and we will place the ISO / CSO within the SAVEDATA, following this simple rule:

The name of the game should not exceed 8 characters and must be written in all caps including the extension.

Installation 2

3) To transfer the PSVita/PSTV SAVEDATA you must use QCMA or CMA, the SAVEDATA is usually found in your documents folder or where you made QCMA or CMA place them in your PC. Here is an example of where I have QCMA put everything at. qcma


Now you will put the game save into the PSVita/PSTV, it’s the one you put your ISO / CSO files in.

vita save data

4) Now, we run the exploit ARK or TN-V.

This is ARK eCFW with ONEMenu

Within ARK using ONEMenu just activate the option SCAN SAVES for our game to be shown and it can be executed directly.


OPTIONAL: If you wish to move the game to ms0: / ISO press SELECT to enter the browser, then find the game in ms0: / PSP / SAVEDATA / and move it to the ms0: / ISO folder


ARK eCFW with 138Menu

ARK to start with 138Menu you must go to the browser options, and move your game ms0: / PSP / SAVEDATA to ms0: / ISO

ISOCSO 138menu


In TN-V you’d have to do some additional steps, if you have anything installed, you must download a menu ONEMenu, 138Menu or PSP filer.

5) As you have already downloaded the files you must place the ONEMenu, 138Menu or PSP Filer in TN-V savedata this is the folder name TNV or TNV_00000, it’s right where you put the 6.60.PBP file at.

6) Now you must rename the EBOOT.PBP application you have chosen and rename it to RECOVERY.PBP, then transfer this to your PSVita/PSTV savedata again using QCMA or CMA.


7)   TN-V eCFW: When you launch TN-V press the R button to enter the Recovery Menu or once TN-V is running you can press select to get into the Recovery Menu.

tnv recovery


8) Now just move your game to ms0: / ISO for the game to be displayed on the XMB.


NOTE: You can use other application instead of the menus, like PSP Filer, VitaFTP, or some other file browser to move the ISO / CSO to ms0: / ISO

As you can see is relatively simple to install their ISOs.

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  1. i just use vita ftp

  2. Are these better methods to do this? If I can do the same thing with Rebirth bubbles, why use this over that apart from the obvious less tedious methods. Also, what is the biggest difference between ARK and TN-V? I want to choose TN-V for the PS1 support but that’s about it. Regarding PSP homebrew, which one is also good? I don’t want many options in my Vita because it is a waste of space.

  3. Hi i have TN-V11on my Vita 3.55 but when i open games it willjust keep on loading, i transfered the game to ISO folder using PSP Filer but still nothing happen it will just load and load

  4. I have everything ok and my tn v11 work just fine on 3.36 with old files and base game non exploittable. I put iso cso to save folder and it work. My question is how to make ps1 games work method psp/game/nameofgame/eboot.pbp is in arhive just wont be recognized. What i m doing wrong please help with some tutorial

  5. Well I be able to play PS1 games perfectly with sound on 3.51?

  6. How can i play ps1 games?

  7. please help i got a problem with Project DIVA 2nd everytime I started the tn-v froze and I had to reset the vita. I downloaded another iso/cso but it was still not working. The preview was normal as another games, and ppsspp emu run it perfectly

  8. How do i get sound in motorstorm?

  9. Why do I need a psp game, why isn’t there a way to download psp games onto the ps vita free?

  10. Hi, I’m trying to follow the ARK steps but I’m clearly missing something. I’ve transferred the files along with an ISO just as instructed but once that’s done I can’t see the Ark bubble. I’m clearly missing something. Do I still require Mimana or not? I don’t have it in the Australian PSN and even if I try to buy it on the web it won’t allow me.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    • You can use the email trick on FW 3.52 to make bubbles. If you are on 3.55FW you will need Mimana for the US region. Check out guide it will have everything you need.

      • Thanks. Yeah I’m on 3.55. Trouble is that my PSN account is set to Australia so I can’t buy it. Tried even on the web but I get redirected to the Aus site where the game isn’t available. If I reset my Vita and set to US, do you reckon I’d be able to buy it or will my Aus PSN account override that?

        • You can buy it in the US psn store still and you may need to use a PS3 or PC to get it in you download list. You have to pick one region and stick with it, but you can go back and fourth with different regions but you will just have to reset your vita everytime you want to use a different region. The vita is nothing like the ps3 or ps4 when it comes to regions.

  11. Hello such would like to know how to install the bubble TN V have the firmware 3.55 and I have a problem with me not working ark 2 ps1 games before now had no work no longer sound’m ARK grace restart menu

  12. Hi, I installed tn-v and had copied one game successfully, but when I tried to copied the second game, it didn’t appear at all even though I did it the same way I did with the first game. Is this one only works for one game at one time?

    I already install the first game into my tn-v and deleted the iso file, so that I don’t need to overwrite stuff. I also tried to have another savedata folder but it doesn’t work.


  13. any updates for 3.57? i saw someone who can install ark and tn-v but with a payment and its so expensive.. so im just wondering maybe there is an update already for an exploit and tutorial for 3.57 ver..

  14. does this work on 3.55

  15. I tried but it’s not working

  16. Hi guys,

    Is there ang hack for the newest ofw 3.6?

  17. Can you use pirate psp games?

  18. does this work on 3.60

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