Is the Gateway 3DS losing momentum?

Software Hacks are all the rage right now and show no signs of slowing down. They have achieved 3ds Game Mods, better support for emulators, eShop access and more. They seem determined to end the era of flashcards. While Gateway could simply add smeas and yellow8s code, they have been left in the dust. At this point it seems Rxtools and others have this in the bag.gateway_ultra

My experience with gateway was introduced because of firmware spoofing and access to mods. If Gateway doesn’t offer more practical solutions, then they may meet the fate of the ps3 dongle. I don’t even like discussing Gateway anymore due to disappointing fellow HI users. Until they distribute something more useful, writing about their currents updates don’t seem necessary. I hope I’m wrong because I know there’s nothing more frustrating than buying a product and having development slow down. However, old 3ds users can enjoy limited cheat support atm. Other than that there’s not a lot to be excited about. If they are reading this, then use my words to encourage you and not let your user base down. Show people a reason to invest their hard earned money and not feel scammed. Which I hope was not your intention with these latest results.

Change log: GATEWAY ULTRA 3.5!
* Cheat code support
* Updated emunand support for 10.3 for Old 3DS

Download: Firmware GW 3.5-BETA “Ultra

If people are still wondering about my current situation its slow and depressing. Hopefully soon I’ll be more active and contribute with more news. Since I’ve had issues with amiibo situation, I feel that giving away the amiiqo would be a better option. I’ll post the winner tomorrow and that user should direct message me on twitter with a shipping address. I apologize once again for making the whole situation drag on as much as it has.

For those of you still reading my posts and following me thank you for letting me speak my mind on here.

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  1. I hope Gateway steps up. They’re still one of the only ones to allow for .3ds/3dz roms to be played without having to tinker around with them. Just rip and go.

  2. You feel scammed??? I paid for a card that had limited region support, didn’t have multirom, couldn’t play online, had no nand support. The Gateway team has expanded capabilities and given frequent firmware upgrades along the way. Gateway could have dropped support, not added firmware downgrading, and blocked access to .cia files but they haven’t. If Gateway chooses to add emulator support, great but comparing them to the PS3 dongle is a dick move. They have proven to be a capable team that gives two shits about the customer.

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