Wii U emulator project

A GitHub repository ‘wiiu-emu’ created by user exjam indicates that there might be a Wii U emulator for PC in development. And it looks pretty legit.


I’m no expert on emulators, but despite what some people think, this is not another ‘ps4emx’, which was nothing but a scam to get money from people.

That’s pretty obvious from exjam’s statement:

Thanks for the support but that’s never going to happen [note: a Kickstarter campaign] – this is an open source project I work on in my free time around my full time job :).

So, let’s talk about the emulator itself. Obviously, it’s in very early stage (GitHub description literally says “researching Wii U emulation”), but as a redditor Shonumi says, it looks promising:

Looks like they’re off to a good start. Seems that they’re tackling the fundamentals (getting the CPU working, getting instructions decoded for the GPU, adding debugging stuff, and above all actual research). This is how real emulator projects start, so I’m glad to see their efforts.

It’ll be a while before any of us starts seeing “sexy” results like screenshots, but I’m sure we can wait 😉

The future of this project is uncertain, but the developer seems pretty enthusiastic and he has already worked on it for several months. The truth is, it could take years to finish.

Be patient, we will keep you updated!

Source: GitHub
Via: Reddit

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  1. Seriously?

    • Did you read the article? I’m not saying you can play Wii U games on PC right now, but there’s definitely someone working on making that happen. It will take time, though.

  2. Neat. How similar is the WiiU to the Wii I wonder.

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