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Why game collectors often use Flashcards and CFW!

I’m writing this today not as a why you should use Flashcards and CFW.  Instead, today I’m going to discuss why some gamers/collectors use flashcards and CFW (custom firmware) to play their beloved games. Now there is a large part of collectors that own some very valuable games. Some of these games are …

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Things that affect a gamer’s health!

gamer health

Gamer health is a very different subject than what I normally discuss but I feel like it is something that is sorely overlooked in our communities! I’m talking about how our “hobby” that we love so dearly has made kids overweight, lazy, damages their eyes has a severe impact on …

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Time Capsule of the Internet

We’ve come a long way with the internet, languages evolved, techniques evolved, and style evolved. You know how most pages look nowadays and it’s something pretty normal for us. But there are some websites, created back in the day, that are somehow still working, almost like a time capsule of …

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Just A Rant On Gaming (As I See It)

Hello, everyone riddle43 here with you again and today I like to bring up a subject that’s kind of troubling me lately. It’s the direction that games seem to be going in and this is kind of leading me into a little bit of worry as an old school gamer. …

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8BitDo’s Retro Wireless Controllers – Connecting So Many Platforms!

As gaming peripherals have always existed since gaming, great peripherals have endured the decades of demands from many gamers; that the controllers simply work the most important feature above all else, even regardless of style. However, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been attempts to combine gaming aesthetic and function – …

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