PoC: PSVita using a Game Cart as a microSD adapter aka SD2Vita

Once again the guys involved in team molecule have out did themselves this time with using a game cart as a microSD adapter. Now, this is just a POC and probably never see any mass production from a company like a Gateway cart or SKy3DS but it’s still cool to see these type of things coming from the homebrew community.SD2Vita

The game cart uses emmc (mmc), which SD is based on but generally, you’re just matching the pinouts between SD + Gamecard, with the addition of INS. Plus you have to have the patches motoharu made for it to work. Check out the video below to see it in action even though there’s not much to see other than it works…

This was made solely by xyz of molecule with the software patches done by motoharu.

This is merely a proof of concept and there are no current plans to produce anything for sale.

You can find out how to get your hand on these little PCB boards here..

If you don’t want to solder them yourself, we are selling them pre done for $10 dollars + shipping & handling, just email us at hackinformer@hackinformer.com to further discuss buying one…

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  1. If this is successful I wonder why it would never see production. The gamecard can be mounted as storage in a CFW couldn’t it?

  2. hackinformer

    Well, imp, do you see any third party company making anything for the Vita. No, in business it’s a dead system and no real money to be made cuz that’s all a company will think about it, is the bottom line. Then having to use FW3.60 will be another drawback for the company that would try to pick it up and make it. When there are more people on current FW then old FW. Just think like a big business and you will see that is not going to make it money.

    Personal I can see but not companies like gateway, xecuter, etc.. I don’t see them.

  3. I am getting 30 for tests!
    There is over 2000+ boards being run on first batch so will be some available by mid July (deliver is due then) from a few suppliers by the looks of things!

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