NFCWriter for Jailbroken iDevices

Today we have a specific tweak for you, one that should dynamically change things for not just you as the end user. But should also give way to projects like the N2 being usable on the iPhone (if they decide to update it to run on jailbroken devices). Let’s take a closer look at NFCWriter.

If you know anything about the current family of iDevices is that certain models have NFC writing technology. This is to enable the ApplePay functionality. Well last month developer Elias Limneos teased that he had a proof of concept allowing more use out of the NFC writer and the whole scene applauded him. For some reason he was the only one actively working to reconstruct and then construct the NFC writer for end users. But being such a widely regarded developer nobody shouted “fake!”, they just all waited eagerly with bated breath.

The tweak itself clocks in at $3.99 on Cydia which is actually less expensive than some apps that have a lot less functionality built into them. For instance, once you’ve purchased the application you’ll see that you’ll have the ability to write to NFC tags as well as manage and save all of the tages to one place. You’ll also have a feature called ‘Host Emulation Mode’ which currently has some limitations, but the dev has plans to elongate and support this feature going forward (I can’t wait to see what it is). NFCWriter brings even more features for the end user such as giving them the ability to perform specific actions based on the individual tags being scanned. The features continue with the ability to have the tag be read and it show information about the tags and its manufacturers. Details that include the tag’s memory size, the type of tag, and much more. He did not skimp on the features.

If you want to see everything about the prolific developer and all of his offerings, you can go to his website by clicking here.

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  1. Is there a feature like this on android too?