Joy-Con Grip Mod for more Portability

Today we have a modification that will introduce more portability to the Joy-Con grip. This will make it a thinner scenario for you to game with. Additionally, if you like using covers on your Joy-Cons, you don’t have to take the covers off when putting them into this newly modified Joy-Con Grip.
People with medium to smaller hands may just want to do this in general as they may find it hard to use the Joy-Con grip as it is in general. People with especially large hands may find this uncomfortable.

The great thing is, that the mod is not permanent. You can put it back the way that it was if you so choose.This article will come in 3 different flavors. I’ll explain how to open up your already owned stock Nintendo Joy-Con Grip, which is free but requires owning a tri-wing screwdriver.
Tri-wing Screwdriver $2.99 

The second one (which I discovered myself since I owned one) will cover PowerA’s Comfort Grip that is easy to open with a Phillips, sold at most stores but is priced at $15. The last one will cover the easiest one to take apart, the least expensive at $3, comes in a variety of colors, but comes from AliExpress so depending on where you live, you may be waiting a while.

Nintendo Stock Joy-Con Grip

Step 1.) You can (hopefully) see that there are 4 screws facing you inside where the Joy-Cons sit. Using your tri-wing or Y tipped screwdriver, take out all four screws.

Step 2.) Take off back piece of the actual handles, since now they should now be able to come free. This will take a small amount of work and force, but will not break the item.

Step 3.) Inside of the back panel, you will see 4 Phillips screws that keep the front half of the handles attached to the center piece. Take them out.

Step 4.) You can do whatever you’d like with the handle pieces that you have now taken off. I recommend putting the 4 Phillips screws into the holes that are on the center piece so that you do not lose them.

Step 5.) Snap in your Joy-Cons as you are done! Definitely feel it out and see what you think. The great thing is that it is so easy to put back if you hate it.

PowerA Comfort Grip

Step 1.) Flip over the PowerA Comfort Grip and look for the screws on the back above and below the PowerA stick, those are the ones to take out. The 2 at the very bottom of the whole device can be ignored.

Step 4.) Do whatever you’d like with the handle piece, I recommend keeping it. Then return the screws to the 4 holes that are on the back of the center piece.


Step 5.) Snap in those Joy-Cons! Enjoy.

Comfort Grip Handle

Step 1.) Click here to order a Comfort Grip Handle from AliExpress.

Step 2.) Upon it’s arrival, like the PowerA Comfort Grip, flip it so that its back is facing you.

Step 3.) Take out the 4 screws that are in a square on the point where the handles attach to the center piece.

Step 4.) Do what you’d like with the handles and return the screws back into the center piece for safe keeping.

Step 5.) Pop in your Joy-Cons and game!

Credits have to go to YouTube Channels “Nintendo Life” and “Fiend News Network

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  1. The Aliexpress grip seems the best compromise between price and ease of modification , plus you don’t modify the original hardware. I mean, who visits Hackinformer and doesn’t have a Philips screwdriver? ^^

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