Jailbreak Tweak Roundup for iOS 10-6/25

Each week we intend on bringing you some of the week’s best new tweaks for those of you running a jailbroken phone on iOS10.This doesn’t mean that the tweaks won’t be compatible for our brothers and sisters on lower firmware jailbreaks, it just means that will at least work on iOS10 and that will be our focal point for these weekly roundups.

There’s still no word on a 10.3 jailbreak (other than the one that the Yalu team is hiding away). However, there is an iOS 11 jailbreak potentially coming. We reported on it a couple of days back, if you want to read it, simply click here.

  Creamy (via BigBoss Repo/Free)

The first tweak on our list this week is the one simply known as “Creamy”. It was the intention of the dev of Creamy to port the passcode keypad of iOS 11 to iOS 10. It also works for iOS 9 as well if you’re one of our readers that are using that still. Creamy is a small tweak, I recommend trying it out and if you don’t like it, it’s KB’s in size, so just pitch it.

  Actif 2 (via BigBoss Repo/Free)

This one is definitely a tough one to explain. It’s for those instances when you trigger an Activator cue, but you didn’t necessarily want that cue to execute based on what you’re currently doing. So if you have a screenshot Activator cue, but you would hate it you accidentally triggered it whenever you were Facetiming, Actif 2 makes it so that you can set that as a boundary and then that screenshot would not occur if you were using FaceTime. And it’s not just one condition that you can set in Actif 2, the conditions stack. So if you wanted to say the same scenario before, but that it could take a screenshot but only when in FaceTime and when connected to wifi, you could do that. It’s pretty damn neat.

  Callisto Pro (via BigBoss Repo/$2.49)

Callisto Pro is an extensively featured Lock Screen improvement tweak. You can set the passcode to be the current time if you want, you can use time offsets (if you like that sort of thing), you can see when the lock screen was last locked. Just a multitude of stuff. Go ahead and download it and see what you think for yourself. Sometimes I find that I’ll download feature rich tweaks because it has just one feature within it that I’ll use that I cannot find in any other tweak.

   CamMode (via BigBoss Repo/Free)  

Have you ever done that thing when you go to open your Camera app right quick to snap a picture before the moment has passed and you accidentally take a 1-second video or start a panoramic picture and you then lost the moment and you only wish that you had glanced down at the bottom first? Now the moment has passed and that picture you could’ve had would’ve been flawless had you just taken one more second to swipe away from video to photo. Well CamMode lets you know which setting that you’re on, right there in the middle of the screen.  When you load up the Camera app, it will flash your mode for a second or two and you can see if it’s the right mode or not. It assumes that you’re not going to look.  And if you change the mode, it will tell you, in the center where you can’t possibly miss it, which mode you landed on in case you think you have the mode memorized based off of how many times you’ve swiped.

 HomeCardIconLabel(via BigBoss Repo/Free)

This is a good feature. We all know that in the multitasker on iOS 10 that you can see the different apps in a descending fashion. And the further back the app is, the harder that it is to see. Well HomeCardIconLabel lets you assign an icon and a label. This will make the specific apps easier to see and also allow you to remember what that specific app is called if you ever pull it up in the multitasker but it doesn’t look familiar. It should help tremendously if you’re like me and always forget to close apps.

  Sinatra (via BigBoss Repo/$1.99)

When you are listening to the Music app on your iDevice currently and swipe up on the Control Center you get some info on 2/3 of the screen and it doesn’t give you a full picture, just a small icon. That is remedied with Sinatra. Besides that, if you have tweaks like harp, horseshoe, masq, or noctis to name a few, then you will find that Sinatra plays nice with them and they stack cleanly.

  Kairos 2 (via BigBoss Repo/$2.99)

Kairos 2 brings the still missing feature of sending out a scheduled iMessage or SMS. This is if you wanted to remind someone to be somewhere or do something about half an hour before the event needs to happen and you know that you yourself are going to forget. It’s a clean, simple tweak that really does not take much explaining and it uses up practically nothing in terms of space on your phone. I would install it and keep it just in case you find yourself in a situation where you’ll want to use it.

Classic Player (via BigBoss Repo/$0.99)

The last tweak today is for those Apple nostalgics out there. And even though it’s less of a tweak and more of an app, it’s definitely worth spending a buck on. To prove it, I’ve got GMoran’s (the developer) exact quote of all of the stuff that you get with it.

‘ClassicPlayer provides a simple, easy to use interface that makes listening to music a breeze! Simply open the app, slide your finger around, and listen to your favorite tunes!

Classic Player features:

  • Light and Dark themes
  • Familiar, classic interface
  • Easy to navigate (unlike other music apps)
  • Syncs with your iTunes library!
  • More features to come! (games, maybe?)’

If you’re on iOS 10.0.x or 10.1.1 with an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus and you want instructions on how to jailbreak, click here.

If you’re on iOS 10.2 with an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and you want instructions on how to jailbreak, click here.

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