You can now easily buy the L2/R2 Grips for your PSVita 1000 & 2000 at Amazon!

Recently we made a post on how to buy the PSVita 1000 grips using a third party to ship it overseas. Our post helped so many people get these grips and not get ripped off by some eBay or Amazon dealer. Since our post, JOETSU Electronics noticed that they were selling PSVita 1000/2000 grips by the handful overseas.L2/R2 Grips

JOETSU Electronics emailed Hackinformer to personally thank him for writing that post and to tell him that they have to decide to start selling them on Amazon so it’s easier for everyone to get them. 

Let’s say goodbye to those crazy dealers trying to rip you off with $100 grips. ( ゚ヮ゚)

 Click here to go right to JOETSU Elec Amazon Store Front.

If you don’t know these Grips yet but like using Remote Play from your PS4 or love Ps1 classics you should definitely check out our review of the Grips for the PSVita


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  1. Can you get these at a decent price in U.K?