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Davee releases new Chronoswitch Downgrader for the PSP

Developer Davee released Chronoswitch Downgrader 7.0, which add support for Davee’s long-awaited Infinity permanent patch. That mean that Infinity’s release might be just behind the corner. If you want to know more about Infinity, check out this article. DOWNLOAD Chronoswitch Downgrader 7.0 Repo: https://bitbucket.org/DaveeFTW/chronoswitch We will keep you updated.   Source: @Davee  

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POC: PSP 3000 CFW 6.61 Infinity

Developer Davee has been working on the PSP 3000 for quite sometime, seen in the tweets below. He started this project about a year ago and finally has time to play around with it. 01g working. 02g TA-88v3 working. Next step is 03g — Davee (@DaveeFTW) September 15, 2015 I …

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