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Last Day of The Bandai Namco PSN Sale!!!!

Hey guys, your old pal Gaarasaiyan here to let you all know that if you want some great games at great prices then you might want to hit up PSN for the last day of the Bandai Namco Sale.

Bandai Namco

They have games that are 50%-75% off! Some of the games are Dark Souls 2 Scholar of The First Sin, J Stars Victory Vs. and Dragonball Xenoverse just to name a few. A lot of the games’ season passes are on sale too. They even have some that are bundled together where you can get the game and season pass. If you guys are interested you can head over to the sale here:

Bandai Namco PSN Sale.Bandai-Namco-Sale

Feel free to check out what all they have to offer at

Until next time,

Stay Safe and Happy Gaming!

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