PSP: Infinity Update just went live + Unbricker

The first update for Davee’s Infinity project just went live to fix a couple of problems.PSP infinity3

These are the changes/fixes in 1.02/0.39:

  • Pause/Restore Game feature on PSPgo
  • Fixed issues with XMB themes
  • Fixed issue where 07g/09g on < 6.31 may brick on install
  • Enabled network update in Infinity Configuration version 0.39

However, there are still known problems which need to be fixed in future updates.PSP infinity4

How to update Infinity?

Since Davee needed to disable the integrated update feature in the initial release because of an unexpected brick you will need to manually redo the full installation process this time. Here is our Tutorial on how to install Infinity + Custom Firmware on your PSP again.

Once you are running the latest version of Infinity you theoretically could just use the Network Update Feature in the Infinity Bootloader Config  from now on but DO NOT USE IT (yet) as the bug which can brick your device isn’t fully resolved yet.

PSP infinity2

So just play it save and use the ‘manual’ install method like you did the very first time to avoid any risk of bricking your device until the bug is 100% resolved.


What to do if you bricked your PSP?

PSP infinity1

Infinity Download Page

Also if you happen to come across any problem with Infinity yourself make sure to contact Davee on twitter!


Important Update!


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  1. Lets unbrick 😉

  2. I’ll be so happy to unbrick my Go. Now I hope the battery held out as you can’t charge in a bricked state.

  3. my psp street e1004 has successfull flashed with hybrid firmware, but now, no boot

    only green light for a while and then green light out

  4. same issue for my psp 3000 09g succesfully build the hybrid fw i flashesh the DATA.MFC
    then it asked me for a reboot after i press the x button it doesn’t light the screen but the green light stays for about 20 seconds.pls fix this issue.

    sorry for my bad english

  5. My Psp 3000 is DEAD now..

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