ONEshell Beta released for the PSP & PSVita

ONEshell is a multitasking graphical environment done with ONElua, which is a detailed, elegant and a very good graphic shell. ONEshell is specially designed for the PSP, but little by little they have been adding support for eCFW TN-V and ARK.


You can comment on this post with details about errors, questions, and suggestions about this project. It would very helpful to this project’s performance and to make ONEshell improves.


  • It has a file browser.


  • Context menu “POPUP”.


  • Homebrews Launcher (PBP), ISOS, PSX, DAX (Dax CFW PSP only L/ME).


  • It has an elegant keypad (To turn pressed onto the upper left point).


  • Terminal command.
  • Serial Terminal In Out. “SIO”
  • Viewer.
  • Viewer 3D objects.
  • Music player (t3, mp3, wav, BGM).
  • Imagen editor.
  • Ftp server.
  • Text editor.
  • Antivirus.
  • Content downloader (homebrews).
  • Downloader internal applications.
  • Editor Homebrews (PBP).
  • Extraction archives.
  • Viewer archives.
  • Online Maps Viewer “Google Maps”.
  • Extractor UMD.
  • Chat Adhoc.
  • Chat WLAN.
  • Added debug mode for beta versions (to start the shell hold L).
  • Added support to, usable to configure the entire shell or restore recovery menu. (To start the shell hold R).


For a Beta, ONEshell shows what can still be achieved with LUA scripting language, which we know as ONElua. clarifying that, there are still applications that are not completed.

ONEshell2 ONEshell5

Basic Controls:

  • Home: In the start menu. (In TNV as you have configured the HOME button).
  • Triangle: Usually call a context menu “pop”.
  • X: OK (swap buttons in the shell).
  • Or: Cancel (buttons swap in the shell).
  • Note: Take a screenshot. (saves on the route, ms0: /picture/oneshell/XXX.png).
  • R / L: Normally make the list scroll or zoom.





NOTE: Wireless functions apparently does not work properly in the eCFW ARK.

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  1. amazing, psx games working with the sound ?

  2. how do you install it cus i cant read spanish?

  3. hackinformer

    Just like any homebrew for the psp or psvita..

  4. so i can play psp games on my vita?

  5. This doesn’t work for me. I tried launching the Vitashell using my VHBL, but it just gave me and error and kicked me out the game. I’m on 3.57. Does this only work for Tn-v and ARK?

  6. I’m new to all of this. How do I get it to where I can install emulators? I’m in the us and can’t do the method with metal gear so how else could I do it?

  7. PS Vita user must put 1shell folder inside VHBL folder to get it to work.

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