JPN: Dating Sim Game Angelique Remake Releases Soon for PSVita & PSP!

Published by Koei Tecmo, Angelique Retour is a Neoromance 20th Anniversary remake title of Angelique series’ first game and is scheduled to hit both PSVita and PSP on December 17 in Japan.angelique-retour-412723.6 Introducing both strategic gameplay and dating simulation system, this title features multiple decision-makings and endings which makes this dating game quite playable. As well, with redesigned gorgeous artworks, revamped gameplay system tailored for both platforms, well-designed plot line, and conversations voiced by famous Japanese actors, this title will surely bring players incredible modern dating-gaming experience!

Follow the protagonist Angelique – a kind-hearted blonde blessed with the mission, to compete with other noble candidates for the next Queen of the Cosmos Kingdom! In order to win the final competition, Angelique must work hard every day to take good care of her fellow citizens on the continent and also watch out the rivals’ lands. angelique-retour-412723.3Nine different types of good-looking guardians are around Angelique to help her win this battle – sounds distracted? It is… If players “accidently” fall in love with one of them, Angelique may have to give up the position of next Queen of the Cosmos. Life is filled with tough decisions, especially when all the gentlemen in this title are all super hot!

PSVita &  PSP™ [Love Adventure] Release Date: December 17, 2015

Besides the standard edition, a treasure box edition for both portable devices will also be released at the same time. Let’s have a look of what are inside the box.

Treasure Box Contents

  • PS Vita Game: Angelique Retour
  • Concept Art Book
  • Photo Library
  • Original Soundtrack CD
  • Special Art Card
  • Sweet Fastener Charm Set (10 pcs)

Angelique Retour (PlayStation Vita, JPN)
US$ 56.99
Angelique Retour (Sony PSP™, JPN)
US$ 56.99

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