Why game collectors often use Flashcards and CFW!

I’m writing this today not as a why you should use Flashcards and CFW.  Instead, today I’m going to discuss why some gamers/collectors use flashcards and CFW (custom firmware) to play their beloved games.

Flash carts

Now there is a large part of collectors that own some very valuable games. Some of these games are valued at insane prices, especially when kept factory sealed and playing these games are simply out of the question as it can ruin the value of it. This is where owning a flashcard or using a CFW is a lifesaver as it offers the ability to still enjoy the games that we own but are unable to play due to certain reasons.^018A9408813505CA1747EC79751BCCDCA054FCE8A0BFB8A101^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrgolden punch-out

Another way is by using just a CFW. The way this helps the most occurrences is by allowing the collector to put emulators on devices that may not have been intended to run it. In turn, this allows the collector to play their game collection in a safe comfortable manner.3ds_pasta

This can also allow for gameplay to be enjoyed on a well put together devices that may not have a large library due to companies not supporting the device they made as well as they should have, I speak of the PS Vita and Wii-U. Though the PS Vita and the Wii-U have a decent game lineup but they do fall short of a lot of users expectations.psvita hacks

Anyone who has ran emulators on a PSP or PS Vita will tell you not much comes close to playing some of our favorite classic games on the go other than playing them on original hardware. I mean the first time I saw a PSP all I could think of was how nice it would be to play Super Mario World on that awesome handheld system that I enjoyed, and the day I was able to do that there was nothing better except for an original Super Nintendo.IMAG0078Now I’d imagine that a few of you are thinking that only pirates have any need for flashcards or CFW, and I’m going to tell you that’s just not true yes pirates do use flashcards and CFW but that is not the only market for these options. I also could hear a few of you yelling that piracy kills game sales but that’s just not true!

Sharing games, music and videos is something that has been going on for over 30 years now. Here is a great example, streaming video services such as Netflix and Hulu are causing a large decline in the use of downloading videos off of the Internet along with PlayStation Now and other services like this. Which goes to show that most of us are willing to pay for it as long as it meets our entertainment purposes.

This post is not meant to condone piracy, I am promoting collecting, and game playing on systems in which we do and should have all the rights to do with as we see fit. Of course, I’m not expecting Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, or any other game company to repair my system if I myself caused damage to the software or hardware by doing something not intended by the manufacturer that’s just common sense.

Now I strongly feel if I own it, you should have that right to do what you please with it!PSVita SNES

It’s hard not to say that gaming on the original system, that a game was intended to be played on is not the best  way to go but sometimes as I have stated this is simply impossible to do. I have been collecting video games for over 30 years and I have many pieces in my collections that simply can not be played, and the use of emulators has allowed me to enjoy these wonderful games that otherwise pieces of art in my collection.


So I ask you the next time you see a person using a flashcard, CFW, or simply running an emulator don’t just assume that you’re watching the pirate in action but maybe just maybe you’re seeing a collector who has pride in their collection and truly enjoys playing the games that he or she rightfully owns.

I want to thank you all for reading this today and I encourage you all to share your stories in the comments telling me if you think I’m completely wrong or maybe you yourself run a custom firmware or a flashcard to enjoy some of the games in your collection that take you back to a simpler time from your childhood.

And remember please keep doing it for the love of the game.

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  1. I agree with this. I have the first 2 models of the SEGA MegaDrive (one with headphone port, one without), and every Sonic the Hedgehog game for those systems, including SEGA MegaCD, and Sonic CD.
    I love the games, but would rather keep them in pristine condition and play them via emulators.
    I bought the games.
    I have the ORIGINAL carts verbatim.
    I am not pirating anything, and I did support game developers.
    I am simply playing the games via another method, games that I bought.

    No everyone whom downloads is a pirate, and not all heroes wear capes.


  2. there is some legal grey areas around this, but here in Australia you can leggaly makde backups of games and run the backups aslong as you own the orginal, so its an idea

    • riddle43

      See I’m in the USA so we have issues with making and playing backups, but carts and CFW can help this effort and keep our collectible equipment in a safer working order.

      • well as long as you ahve the original, and are not sharing it, im pre sure it would be fine in a court of law, also didnt the USA make Jailbreaking Iphones legal, im pre sure this also applies

        • riddle43

          Its still a very gray area, also modified systems/phones are not covered on warranty’s so it can be risky or hard to do if you would also like to stay up to date on systems FW. Sadly were held back from what we own to a point, and are shunned at times for using hacks to play our games. But a true gamer will always find a way to enjoy an awesome game 🙂

  3. Trinidad Mendoza

    In my case, i use emulators to play games from consoles i never owned (Genesis, PS1) and also to play games that never arrived to America but by fan translation i’m able to enjoy (at the time Dragon quest 5 & 6). So yeah, for me emulators helped me enjoy great games, that otherwise were almost impossible or way too expensive for me to play.

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