Been gaming since I was 3 years old. I beat SMB for NES when I was 3 and continued to conquer games from then on out. My favorite console of all time would have to be the SNES. My favorite game would be a tie between The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Metal Gear Solid. I used to run support for Hyperkin's Game Genie for PS3 product on their official forums. I also used to write codes for the device. I'm now with another company on another device but I haven't been as involved as I'd liked to be. Time restraints & whatnot. I hope to continue my involvement with the gaming world in any way possible. You can find me on twitter @Gaarasaiyan, on facebook at, and on twitch at Anything else you guys want to know, feel free to ask.

Nintendo NX now called Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo Switch

Well after a very long wait to find out just what Nintendo’s new console code named “NX” was going to be, we finally know. Today Nintendo unveiled its new console which is now called Nintendo Switch. The video Nintendo showed off today confirmed that a lot of the leaks we …

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New browser based MMORPG Naruto game inbound

What’s going on everyone? Got a bit of flash news for all my fellow Naruto fans out there! Seems we are getting a free to play browser based game called Naruto Online! Brought to you by OasisGames, and officially licensed by Bandai Namco, Naruto Online is an MMORPG turn-based browser …

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Our Review of Hitman Episode 3

Hey all, It’s that time again. Time to shave the head, tie the tie, and never smile. It’s time to become the Hitman once again. Today I will be reviewing episode 3 of the Hitman game. This will be a bit different in the case of how my reviews go. …

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