ONEMenu Vfinal released for the PSVita & PSP

Today we published the latest version of ONEMenu for our PSVita, as is already known the ONEMenu is fully functional on the PSP (ME CFW and CFW PRO) and the famous eCFW ARK, TN-V, and VHBL.

In this version, we have repaired some bugs, like when you did not have any games installed, the menu showing you the legend NO GAMES, which meant that you could not enter the menu and caused some crashes.

Among the main changes for this release:

You can view the game boots.pmf in the browser menu, you can also incorporate game boots you want to be displayed before executing any game or homebrew, just put the game boots there in save where files are ONEMENU.

NOTE: When placing several game booths will run randomly.


Now when viewing an image with the file browser ONEMENU. You can choose it as the background image, the image should be 480 * 272, and just press Triangle when the image is displayed.


Another change is when you position the BarColor Option, now, in addition, to select the 8 colors to default press down on the R button can enter the Color Mixer, with the left button, you change the channel and up, down modified the channel value.


If you do not want the animation game boots or may not play by default when running a game, just do not put any pmf file (game boot) or place the PIC.PNG and SND.S3M files, thus games or homebrews you run will be launched directly.

An improvement to our friends with the Japanese Region is the auto-detection button assignment, which for them the key to select the button will cancel the O and X button

If you have the problem with the file ONEMENU.INI to remove it, just that when you start your bubble or exploit, wait for 1-2 seconds you hold down the R button and start ONEMenu should show the legend ” Delete ONEMENU.INI “.

On the contrary, if a game is causing problems and not allow starting correctly in the ONEMenu when you start your bubble or exploit, wait for 1-2 seconds and keep down the L button to display the debug mode and thus easily find which game is giving problems.

Other aesthetic changes the icons of the games as MINIS now only are resized to 80 * 80 which look better.

And finally, remember them for those translations should update their LANG.LUA ONEMENU file since it underwent some changes. In the download, it includes a folder with some language translations. Just put the appropriate file to your language LANG.LUA and put it in the SaveData next to all other files.

Remember to replace all files and rename the EBOOT.PBP to VBOOT.PBP if you are using eCFW ARK.

If you require more topics to ONEMENU they can find in the following link: Topics for ONEMENU.


Stay tuned to our news, and any questions you have, do not hesitate to comment on it. Remember to follow us on social networks. In twitter accounts hackinformerES and gdljjrod .

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