PSN Code Generator!

Greetings Hack-Fans! This week our heroes unlock a long a centuries old mystery, the fabled PSN code generator! As it turns out, PlayStation Home for the PS3 isn’t a complete waste of hard drive space. Besides using it to kill time in a flappy bird-esque, mind numbing, self lobotomizing kind …

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PlayStation Now Invites Going Out..

  Yes, that’s right another and significantly larger batch of invites are heading out to eager fans. Just searching for “PlayStation Now” on twitter brings up tons of tweets from people saying they are in on what could possibly be one of the largest private betas. I’m sure the chances …

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3.01 Exploit Release *Numblast*

It didn’t take long for private exploits to start being released, as like with every firmware, Sony always seems to patch them. Numblast is the ‘Field Runners’ of 3.01, it is fast, cheap $2.99, and takes up 36mb of space. I’d recommend getting it for anyone on 3.01 it is …

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New Vita Apps Headed Our Way!

Starting today, Sony is FINALLY gracing us with some much needed new Vita apps! The good news? There is something for everyone! The bad? Half of them are subscription service apps, so they are totally useless unless you want to shell out your cash to pay for them. Crunchy Roll …

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