All PS1/PSP games are now downloadable on the PSVita


Well it looks like, Sony finally listened to everybody and now the US is able to download every PSone/PSP games onto their PSVita. So if you buy a ps1/PSP game using your ps3, you can on go to your download list on the psvita and download it straight to the PSVita now. Most of the games are still not transferable with the ps3. So if you’re on 3.01fw you may need to wait for the next PSVita update. So charles proxy may work for another day or so.


So if you had a chance to pick up some of those ps1 games during the $0.99 flash sale. You’ll be able to finally download the games to your PSVita and enjoy them all over again.


 Update: I can confirm that all psp games, demo, and add-ons can all be download to the psvita. Some of the psp demo/adds-on, may not show up in the store while using your psvita. So now is the time to turn now your ps3 go to the store and download some of your favorite psp games, demos and add-ons. So they can be added to your download list. Now you can use your PSVita go to the PlayStation store and you’ll see everything added to your download list.
So enjoy playing everything the PlayStation Store has to offer on the PSVita now. 🙂



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