KoalaVita’s Region Bypass Hack

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The PSVita hacking scene has just exited the eCFW phase and entered some new and exciting territory thanks to a new hacker on the scene. His name is Koala and him and his crew, have managed to sign apps from different regions to work on regions they weren’t intended for. At first I was a bit skeptical when I heard the news, but after a little chat I mentioned how I would love to have Netflix, a US only app, running on my VitaTV, which uses a JP account. Within 10 minutes of our conversation, Koala had Netflix ready to go on my VitaTV. No crazy tricks or anything, I simply put the folder he sent into my Vita directory and copied it with Open CMA r5. A few months back Koala posted a video showing a game on his Services list in the Vita’s PSN store and the same game available for purchase, meaning he didn’t download it, yet it was already on his Vita. Today, everyone that said that he was faking the video, or his hack was just a glitch he stumbled across can eat their words. His hack is NOT a proof of concept, it is fully functioning. As you can see from the picture above, it is running firmware 3.15, as the VitaTV just got the PS4 link app in the 3.15 update.

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Koala’s hack is locked to each individual account. The copy of Netflix for VitaTV I have will NOT work in anyone’s account other than mine. This means there is zero possibility of piracy, for now, which is a good thing. The last thing the Vita/VitaTV needs is working ISO files available on torrent sites. In my opinion, piracy would mean less AAA games coming to the Vita and that would be a very bad thing.

At this time Koala is in the beta testing stage, and when asked about plans to release this hack to the public, he stated he is undecided. Koala has also stated that his hack would be unpatchable because the apps are signed per account.

You can follow @KoalaVita on Twitter for news about their AMAZING hack, and as always we will keep you up to date here at Hackinformer.com! 🙂

As for me, you can hit me up @heleius on Twitter as well with any questions or comments. *On a personal note, I’d like to thank Koala for Netflix on my JP account. You just made my Vita TV 100 times cooler! 🙂

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  1. Anything and everything that has no constructive proof, i deem fake, it is something i have gotten used too, being a member of the PS3 scene, which seen many great looking fakes.

    When Open Remote Play was first spoken about, i called it fake too and look how that turned out.

    When i call something fake or suggest it may not be legit, it is not said in offence to the person showing what they claim they have, but more said out of habit and caution and i will say it many, many more times in the future as it is better to call something fake and have it turn out legit, than support something that is legit that turns out to be fake.

  2. agree with gregoryraspution, so far he’s only showing free apps from JP market. well, before Sony decided to put VITA FW that force wipe memory stick, i can play Tom Blitz [free] (US) on JP account.

  3. There should be some quick corrections to the article…

    KOALA isn’t working alone. There’s actually a group of 4 people based in the EU that are part f the KOALA crew.

    Piracy can still be of a concern as I can download a PSN game, back it up using OCMA, zip that backup folder, send it to someone who can re-sign that backup with another account. Then they send it to the person who’s account is now signed to the backup and they reverse the process and restore the game back to their Vita using OCMA.

    So far it appears that apps & games can be re-signed without a problem.

    Koala has used apps such as Netflix as an example because of its limited availability. Its easier to show an app running on hardware it hasn’t been released for yet than to show apps running under different accounts in different regions.

    • still no proof that it works with “paid” games though. unless we have solid proof it’s more or less meaningless. i’m pretty much skeptical that it’s just region bypass rather than re-signing hack

  4. Even if you’ve seen the ‘proof’ yourself, as long as it isn’t running unsigned code there’s no way this can be called a hack. Installing packages (especially for free apps) is nothing new.

    In no way has the scene “exited the eCFW phase” since none of this is gonna lead to unsigned code running.

    There is way too much security on the Vita for something like this to be even worth calling a hack.
    Seriously, this ‘hack’ isn’t even worth half the attention it’s getting.

  5. I would like to have the Netflix app on my Vita TV 🙂
    How is this done?