PSNow Voucher Codes Released & App; Another NDA…


So Playstation Now is officially in its “Private Public” beta release as mentioned in our Invite post. However sadly the first rule of PSNow is we can’t talk about PSNow. So I wanted to let all of you know that if we could we would have walls and walls of images and videos displaying the Beta App but we can not.




These non-disclosure agreements are pretty common place nowadays and wasn’t much of a surprise to see in the email that came with the voucher code to download the App.

So if you are one of what seems the be the few without a voucher code sit comfortably knowing its on its way and it will assuredly be awesome 🙂 PlayStation is also sending out survey’s wanting to know how PSNow is working for you, so make sure to fill them out. So we can have all the bugs worked out before the launch.


As always keep checking back for as soon as the NDA is lifted we will post as much as we can on PSNow.

For now check us out on twitter , who knows what you might find there 🙂








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