Sony Giveith & Sony Taketh Away!


Two days ago, PS Vita fans around the globe were jumping for joy, as it was discovered that many PSP/PS1 games that were previously unavailable for download, directly to the Vita system, were suddenly and mysteriously available. PS1 games such as Metal Gear Solid and the Crash Bandicoot series, along with PSP classics such as Phasntasy Star Portable 2 and many PSP demos were being downloaded en masse by Vita lovers. If you happened to be one of the lucky ones who were able to grab digital copies of those games, please take a moment to back up those games and your memcards. On the other hand if you weren’t able to grab what became available, Sony’s new response to you is, grab your ankles instead! That’s right Vita fans! You get to, once again, get totally fucked by Sony!


No longer will your downloads list look like the one pictured above. I must admit, it was nice while it lasted, but in the end, what did you expect? This IS Sony after all. It seems that PlayStation is claiming it was a glitch in the PSN store that allowed users access to all the content we’ve been begging for, and now that glitch has been removed bringing us right back to where we started. Once again, if you were one of the lucky ones, back up the games and your memcards, as it is highly unlikely that you will see these beloved games again. Well, unless of course Sony decides to fuck with us again…

All is not lost though, you can still check out my handy-dandy guide to get some of these PS1 games back onto your Vita here, if you missed out on the “glitch.”

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  1. I will never forget this day my chance to get Crash Bandicoot in U.S. I lost it since i thought i was going to have longer to download foolish me. All though i did at least get Command & Conquer for PS1 on my vita and i backed it up 3 times.