PSVita Firmware 3.XX Kexploit Drama


Well it was bound to happen, in a scene already laden with drama, news has surfaced of a kexploit running TN-V on firmware 3.12. My thoughts on the subject? Who cares right now. First off, 3.10-12 was only released like a month ago which patched the kexploit that TN-V was running on with Megamix, Numblast, and the other 15 or so games that were released for it. I’m not joking when I say it was so many I lost count. 2.02 got Uno. There were so many chances to get TN-V on 3.01, I also lost count of how many (“This Is Your Last Chance To Get TNV On Your Vita”) posts we made as well, and even if you missed out on the games once they got pulled, guess what, they are back in the store now. With a little know how, you can still buy any of those games and put them on your 3.01 Vita. So again, who cares about the supposed 3.12 kernel right now?

I already know what the response to that first paragraph is. “I wasn’t able to get any of the exploit games so I updated.” Well, that was dumb, if you have bothered to read ANYTHING relating to eCFW rather than just saying ‘gimme, gimme, gimme…’ you’d know not to do that, the games always come back to the store shortly after the kexploit is patched, so I don’t want to hear it, it’s your own fault. Next people are gonna say, “I bought a Vita AFTER 3.12 was released, and I didn’t know about any of this stuff until after I updated.” Return it to the store and exchange it for new one. Manually update to 3.01 and get the game/exploit. Again, it’s been a month since 3.10-12 was released and 99% of stores allow you to return stuff within 30 days. See where this is going? I’ll also hear, “I want access to PSN AND a kexploit, because I bought X amount of years of PSN+ or I’m entitled to both and you guys are just elitist dicks that like to say ‘na na look what I got and you don’t :P’ and should release it to the public” or whatever else the argument is. Here’s my answer to you. Buy a second Vita. One for current firmware, and one for eCFW. That’s exactly what I did. I have two Vita’s and so do a lot of people I know. So don’t give me that “I can’t afford a second Vita crap” you can get a used one for around $90, and if you can afford one, you can not buy the next game or 2 that you wanted, and pick up a used second Vita.


I’m getting sick of talking about this, but there is one more subject I’d like to touch on. It’s pretty well known that there are somewhere around 4 or 5 more kexploits floating around there. Total Noob said he had a few in an interview a few months back, Acid Snake also said his team had found a couple, and I’m sure there are a few other devs that may have found one, but let’s just say, for an example, that there are 10 good usable kernel exploits in the PSP emu for the Vita. If one was released for every update since 2.02, guess what. We wouldn’t even have TN-V for 3.01. We’d have run out of ’em. That’s it. Done. Game over. No Possible TN-V for future firmwares. Again, this is only an example, it is impossible to know how many kexploits there are, but my point is even if there IS a kexploit for 3.12 I HIGHLY doubt it will EVER see the light of day seeing that the 3.01 one was, again patched like a month ago.

Long story short, I’m sure we will see TN-V on a higher firmware at some point, but it won’t be anytime soon. Be thankful for what you have, unless you want to go out and buy everyone who works in the scene developing, coding, exploit hunting, maintaining websites, and writing news ALL FOR NO MONEY,some new cars, or pay our internet bills or give us all lots of money or something, do the world a favor, and stop whining…

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  1. I know people from Israeli PS vita forum who either had a chance to exploit on 3.01 and didn’t or had the exploit but gave up on it and then complain games in israel are 30-50% more expansive than anywhere else or that they have to pay shipping for games from outside of the country because they have nothing to play…. uhh sorry but my 32 gigs are enough for 30k of games…. I can’t see myself bored anytime soon