PSvita 3.01fw Exploit’s are back in the PlayStation Store.

Well it looks like Playstation has just added all the 3.01fw exploits back to the store that got pulled. Here are the games that have been add back the Playstation store, King of pool, 101- in – Megamix, Ben10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks, Fifia 2011/2012, Persona 2: innocents Sins, and Katekyo hitman Reborn! Battle Arena 2.

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I still would recommend picking up Numblast, since it so fast with with loading time and it’s a very small game too, plus it’s cheap. It’s the number one exploit for TN-V on 3.01fw. You can get the Numblast files  just click here.  So if you own a PS3 and are on lower firmware with your PSvita you have many different exploits to choose from now. Here a guide on how get PS+ games, Exploits and more on your PSvita with lower firmware an a PS3.

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