Top 10 PSP/PSVita Emulators & Homebrew


 Let’s face it, the PSP/PSVita is an awesome system on it’s own, but one of the reasons many of us flocked to it is to play old video game classics. Emulation software created by talented homebrew developers made this possible do to on your psp/psvita. Nearly anything from the original Nintendo, the Super Nintendo, the Sega Genesis and even the MSX is playable on PSP/PSVita, making it one of the most active homebrew community in portable gaming other then Android. Below, you will find a list of some of the best emulators around. So if you finally got to modding your PSP/PSVita and are looking for some retro action, look no further.


 1. NES: Nintendo Entertainment System


NesterJ is the most-used, and most-likes NES emulator for PSP. It runs well, with most games playing at their full intended speed. This homebrew is frequently updated, and there are few reported problems from users. It seems to have to most features of all the available NES emulators.


2. SNES: Super Nintendo


SNES9x is a SNES emulator developed for the PC; the Unofficial SNES9x for PSP is an unofficial port of the emulator for PSP. Of the available SNES emulators, this one has the least amount of frameskip when running games at full speed. It is the most frequently updated and has the most available options.



3. Sega Genesis


PSP Genesis is a fast Sega Genesis emulator, able to run most games at full speed. It also has lots of features and can play most Sega Genesis games without problems.



4. Gameboy & Gameboy Color


Rin and Masterboy are emulators for both Gameboy and Gameboy color (which makes sense, as the GBC could also play older Gameboy games). It seems to handle just about every GB and GBC game without problems, and it’s got some nice features.


5. Gameboy Advance


PSPGBA is a nice-looking Gameboy Advance emulator. It has multiple languages to choose from, and can be adjusted to boost the speed for some games that may run slow.
and really good places to get roms for your in your layers is cool ROMs emulator paradise and free arcade games.



6. Atari 2600


StellaPSP is a port of the Stella Atari 2600 emulator. A big advantage of Atari emulation is that there are quite a few game ROMs that can be downloaded legally for free. While the latest version of Stella isn’t perfect yet, it does work, and a new version is on the way.



7. PCEP (PC Engine/Turbo Grafx 16


PCEP PC Engine (Turbo Grafx 16 in the US) Emulator for PSP. It now has support for 2-disc ROMs like Street Fighter 2. Supports TG-16/PCE



8. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved


It’s another duplicate of the famous Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved.



9Zombie Crisis  


Zombie Crisis takes place in the not-so-distant future, a future in which the inevitable zombie war has come to a head. You play a guy wielding a pistol with unlimited ammo and a chainsaw in this stand-alone Duke3D mod, such as it is.



10. CPS1PSP 2.3.1


The CP System (CPシステム shīpī shisutemu?) or CPS-1 is an arcade system board developed by Capcom that ran game software stored on removable ROM cartridges. More than two dozen arcade titles were released for CPS-1, before Capcom shifted game development over to its successor, the CPS-2.


So enjoy and let us know what your favorite homebrew or emulators in the comments below.. Looking for more, then visit our download section..

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  1. Please I need god of war2 for psp game in galaxy how can I get this gam and fifa and all interest game for psp
    With my best wishes

  2. My favourite emulator is GPSP.

  3. Mvspsp/rom kof96-98

  4. Absolutely love emulation!!! Especially when I can couple it with PSPlus and all the free games that come with it!!!

  5. Neo-Geo says hello.

  6. PSPAtari – Atari 800/5200 emulator for PSP is definitely in my Top 10

  7. once i download them how do i get them to work on my vita

    • You need a psp exploit game like numblast, arcade darts, hot brain, or papaton 2. Which have been pulled from the PlayStation store. so you’ll have to wait for him to be put back into the store and have a ps3. To put the exploit game on your PS Vita with lower firmware, because if you update the PS Vita that exploits won’t work on the next new firmware coming here soon..