One Menu For ARK-2 Coming Soon By gdljjrod

Hello everybody, it’s riddle43 back with an awesome menu tease for ark-2 by gdljjrod. It’s called the One Menu, because it’s the only ONE menu you will need. 🙂 One Menu is a menu for the Ark-2 exploit for your PSVita and come with many functions you may find useful. …

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PSVita: qwikrazor87 updates BubbleLoader for 3.36

Qwikrazor, has been nonstop in the ePSP hacking sence for the PSvita. With all of this releases from bubble iso of TN-V to new exploits for firmware 3.36.  Now he has updated the homebrew bubbleloader for tomtom/mr.gas’ bubble hack to work on firmware 3.36. v2.2 has been updated for 3.36 Homebrew …

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PSVita Pong by Barnabe42 is it a Native Hack

A while back we found out the psvita was exploitable though the web browser. Now nothing has happen recently with the web-kit, but it looks like we may have something with Barnabe42, pong for the psvita. Now, we have tested it and seems to be working fine, but the only thing …

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How to Install Homebrew & Emulators on Ark2 or VHBL with QCMA or CMA

Some of you may have just got a one of the two exploit here recently here and maybe you’re having some trouble installing homebrew and emulators. We are here to help show, how to install them on the PSVita for VHBL or ARK  by using Opencma or QCMA. Requirements: An exploit …

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