Flappy Bird for the PS1 and the PlayStation Input&Output project

Just when you thought PS1 homebrew was dead bam!! Developer olirehacek brings it back alive with Flappy Bird. Seen here in his tweet..B-agh0VIYAAlBll (1)

— Oli Rehacek (@olirehacek) February 22, 2015

There also another project called PSIO it is a PlayStation Input & Output http://youtu.be/1IahKMYXEcM?list=UUUegPo36pMO5HrppPCGtIEQ “So what is it, the PSIO is a cartridge that plug’s into the back of your Sony PlayStation 1 console that will let you play your backed up games from an SD card. It will also allow you to boot and run code you have programmed and compiled from an SD card on the actual PlayStation 1 console itself, making it a must have tool for homebrewers, developers and most importantly, gamers.” You can found out more about the PSIO at … http://ps-io.com/ hackedstation..

You might not know this but, I really like PS1 homebrew as you may recall “it might be NES” from the PS1 exploit on the PSVita.14703345941_ae57cfdaae_oSo we would like to give a big shout out to the PSVDEV.NET community, were you can find all kinds of support, tools, homebrew, and more. Just like these two homebrews and tools in the pictures below.

Fly Little bat Yopaz Icestar      PSX tools for development zxxxzxzaaaasaqz

So go check them out here..  http://www.psxdev.net/  Because you never know, you just might find something you like..

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  1. Very cool stuff here. I’m excited about the PSI/O, it’s now at 88% completed. Hopefully it will be up for grabs this year!