PSVita: qwikrazor87 updates BubbleLoader for 3.36

Qwikrazor, has been nonstop in the ePSP hacking sence for the PSvita. With all of this releases from bubble iso of TN-V to new exploits for firmware 3.36.  Now he has updated the homebrew bubbleloader for tomtom/mr.gas’ bubble hack to work on firmware 3.36.

v2.2 has been updated for 3.36

Homebrew Loader (bubble)

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  1. jeffrey balengbeng

    i need games for my psvita for free

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    can you help me thanks.

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    it is there android emulator for my psvita?

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    pwede mo ba ako turuan.kase walang kahit anung nakadownload s psvita ko.