PSVita: ARK-Loader bubble with kernel access for Fw 3.36/3.18

The releases just keep rolling out for the PSVita bubble trick. Now developer Xana has released a Ark-loader bubble with kernel access for firmware 3.18 and 3.36. The best thing about this is it shouldn’t conflict with any actual ARK-2 installation.  (Only tested this with an actual ARK-2 bubble.)

wpid-20150117_214011-1024x768 copyThis launcher is similar to qwikrazor87’s, but with kernel access. So that means you can launch ISOs, CSOs, Homebrew EBOOTS, and PS1 EBOOTS (no sound) from a bubble! Now it should have the same compatibilities as a regular ARK bubble. Also this checks to see if disc0:/PSP_GAME/USRDIR/PATH.TXT exists; if it does, it launches the path contained in there. Otherwise, it launches the installed menu normally.

Don’t for get to check out our guide if you need any help with those custom bubbles here..
1: Edit the PATH.TXT file with the path to your game/hb e.g. ms0:/PSP/GAME/HOMEBREW/EBOOT.PBP *make sure there’s no newline at the end of the file*
2: Open the ARK bubble ISO in UmdGEN and add the PATH.TXT to /PSP_GAME/USRDIR/, then save it as an ISO.
3. sign the ARK ISO with fake_np. Don’t use minis or (on 3.30+) a 3.18 exploit game as a base.
4. transfer the generated EBOOT and the ARK (3.18) or ARK_12345 (3.36) savedata through CMA.
5. install the generated EBOOT.PBP as a custom bubble.

Download for FW 3.36

Download for FW 3.18

Note, that this probably won’t launch ISOs patched with things by prometheus (138Menu checks for EBOOT.OLD, and file size constraints prevented me from including that logic). You’ll have to fix those yourself through UmdGEN.Thanks to qwik for the kxploit and the 3.36 bubble, and for the 3.18 bubble.


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  1. When you exit using the homebrew’s exit button (ex. PicoDrive) it goes to some sort of screen showing the savedata path and some menu options. shouldn’t it just close the homebrew altogether and go back to the livearea?

    • No because Pico Drive (example) is being ran inside of Ark. So when you exit the emulator it tries to go back to the ark menu, instead of just exiting to live area.

      • qwik’s VHBL based loader doesn’t do that which also has the emulator running inside of VHBL. He has it set so that it completely closes back to the Vita livearea when you exit though. I posted on wololo too. Maybe Xana can figure out how to make it close.

        • Hmmm, your are rite about that but I had similar issue with my TN-V bubble when exiting maybe it has some thing to do with it been a kexploit..but yes you are best to ask him since he made it..

  2. Hey sorry I’m new at this. That kind of bubble is this? any link to a guild? Know You made some links but there is many to select. New as I said and get really confused!

    Still this is awesome and wish to do it myself. Love your works! Have been following every update last 2 weeks!

  3. Can someone please help me ? How the hell do u get ARK-2 to load psx games I have converted my psx games to EBOOT.PBP I have put my converted psx games in PSP/GAME but every time I go to lanuch the game it just keeps putting me back to the live area, is there a file I’m missing that needs to be in exploit folder or something I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong, if someone could just tell me a step by step just on how to get the psx games to load and what files I need to do so I would be really grateful Thanks in advance

  4. Okay thanks, but what .prx do I need to have in the expolit folder do I have to have popcorn.prx in there to and enabled ?